Safety to electric motoring

EVFS Pool is a groundbreaking solution to controlling electric car fires. The EVFS Pool product family has currently several products for various uses.

Stationary model

The stationary, automatic
version is suitable for
vehicles of all sizes in
parking garages or sites
that are considered
dangerous. More >

Mobile model (parking garage)

This model is suitable
for tight parking garages.
The pools can be
designed to fit all
circumstances. More >

Mobile model (ship)

This model is suitable
for tightly loaded vechile
decks of ships because
it can be extended with
extra parts. More >

Electric bus charging stations

The stationary, automatic
version is suitable for
busses size based
owners specifications. More >

A portable fire extinguisher as a solution

The most effective method of extinguishing is immersion

A new, innovative product, an essential tool we have developed for lithium batteries. The product helps to extinguish a lithium fire with a very small amount of water and prevent greater damage. Firefighting is still always an extremely demanding task.