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Before EVFS Pool, there was a problem without solution.

There was a problem without solution

A few years ago, when the problems of shutting down electric cars began to clear up, in connection with a parking garage fire in Liverpool in 2017. Ari Mattila became interested in the matter and first tried to help minimize those problems. The problem did not fit in with the time when ecology and the world will be saved when all the cars in the world are electric. Next, Mattila began to consider shutting down, which is the biggest problem when an electric car burns. They are extinguished only by drowning, not by small amounts of water but by drowning them completely under water. How does it work in parking garages or on ships? To extinguish the battery fire, all fires need three elements, burning material, oxygen and heat, the burning material and oxygen is in battery itself, so the heat is only possible element to remove.

The idea was born

Must build a pool for cool down batteries, when thermal runaway happened!

The pool should stay full even if it has no bottom. It must be resistant to heat and chemicals. It needs to be able to fill quickly, it needs to be able to install on top of a burning electric car quickly in a cramped smoke-filled space, even in a stormy sea. Its installers must be equipped with a compressed air device and extinguishing equipment. The smoke generated as a combustion product is quickly absorbed through the extinguishing equipment and is dangerous to fire extinguishers in ten minutes. Even a short exposure to smoke without protective equipment is life-threatening and causes e.g. pulmonary edema. In addition, extinguishing water must be collected as it is dangerous for the environment. Extinguishing water corrodes concrete, metal and sewer pipes and may kill the process when entering a biological treatment plant.

Starting a business and obtaining a patent

Ari had joined Jarmon in the idea, and the duo acquired a patent for the idea in April 2020. Firesea Equipment Oy was established in the spring of 2020 to develop a product in accordance with the patent and to build a prototype. The already familiar Matti Salokorpi joined, as well as Jari Nyppeli and Veli-Matti Junnila as new shareholders.

Later, the success of the first version became clear, and the idea of ​​a fixed and fully automated pool into which the car was driven was born. When a car catches fire, the automation detects the onset of a fire and extinguishes it so that the health of firefighters does not have to be sacrificed on the altar of electric cars. Nor is there any need to fear the collapse of structures if very difficult extinguishing work fails in cramped basements or mines, etc. due to extreme conditions. Similarly, the exit safety of those working on the premises can be significantly improved, as well as the extinguishing of environmentally hazardous extinguishing water. The idea sounded excellent, but there are resources that will not be enough to implement these.

Veli-Matti, Jari and Ari have been named inventors of this fixed automatic shut-off system. Matti had done a good background job at all stages of the project. The project gained new momentum when the system was approved for use at a site with a very high level of security and design work on that site began in January 2021.